Working in your business will make you a living, working on your business will make you wealthy!

by Adam Bean on October 18, 2011

When I ask most business owners the question…  How much time do you spend working On your business each week? They usually reply….

I work about 60 to 80 hours per week. I know you work a lot of  hours I reply, but that wasn’t the question I asked you.

The question was how much of that time is spent working On your business? They usually look at me puzzled, what do you mean Beanie?

What is the difference between working on my business or in my business?

I mean they are the exact same thing right?


In fact nothing could be further from the truth! As the title of this blog post suggests. Working in your business will only make you a living, you have to work on your business to get wealthy. Something you would really like, Yes?

Let me give you some examples of working in your business to explain even further.

  • Doing your bookwork
  • Doing your banking
  • Managing staff
  • Physically selling in your store

Now don’t get me wrong all of these things need to be done. But they are all things that you could hire or train someone else to do so that you can spend some time working on your business and doing things like creating some effective Social Marketing Strategies.

All right I know you are keen to get this happening, so let’s look at some idea’s that you can start on today.

  • Create a You Tube account, and upload a video
  • Create a Facebook fan page and start posting some relevant content
  • Create a Twitter account, and again find good content to share
  • Create an information product (Much easier then you think) and add it to your web site.
  • Create a blog

Social Marketing Strategies don’t have to be all about being online either. Socializing was around long before any  social networking sites were even thought of. Here are a few idea’s that you could use as offline social marketing strategies

  • Have a special demonstration night (and make it by invite only), to demonstrate a new product that has just arrived.
  • Attend a local chamber of commerce event
  • Create a master mind group that meets together for a coffee and to bounce around ideas
  • Find another local business owner that has a business that compliments yours, take them out for lunch to see if they are interested in doing a cross promotion.

That is more then enough to get you started. And out of interest could you please let me know in the comments section, how much time you spend working on your business each week.

Cheers Beanie


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