Train for Tomorrow, a horse trainer’s secret to your Social Media Marketing

by Adam Bean on November 13, 2011

For a few years now my daughter has been
plotting and planning a way to get herself to Equitana.
For those of you who don’t know, Equitana is a  brilliant event where horse owners come together from all over the world to show case and share their knowledge.

Well this year as we are based in NSW and the event was actually in Sydney, so that dream came true for her.

She had a fantastic day learning all about her most favourite four legged friends, and being able to pat and interact with so many different breeds of horses, made the day all the more special.

It was at the last event that we were watching for the day when one of the trainer’s came out with the pearl of wisdom that is that is the title of this post….

Train for Tomorrow

Now what does that mean?  and what exactly has it got to do with your small business marketing ideas?

Let me explain….

You see this wasn’t normal horse training, the guys that were in this competition fully understood the critical importance of building trust.

What they did was absolutely unbelievable!

Within an hour they took a horse that was unstarted, and some how managed to get a halter on them and to top it all off they even got to the stage of laying on the horses back.

As a child I watched  for many hours as my uncle  (An excellent horseman in his time, in fact people used to bring horses from miles away to have them broken in by him) spend 3 to 4 week to achieve the same result. And as I said earlier, he was exceptionally good at that time.

The thing most evident from watching these guys was that they were more interested in the well being of the horse and building a relationship with the horse via trust, than they were about the time constraints that were placed upon them for the competition.

The big point in all of this is  you don’t have to get the end result that you want from your small business marketing ideas today. In fact if you don’t build that trust by training for tomorrow your Social Marketing efforts are headed for failure.

Sure you might get a quick sale by trying to force the situation, but you are never going to build the sort of trust required for a strong customer/business relationship. Which is exactly what you need if you are really going to reap the benefit’s of this new phenomen called Social Media Marketing.

Enough talk, time for some action!

What I am  going to do is give you three ways you can go away and start training your market for tomorrow.

  • Write a blog post just like this one applicable to your market. I am a big believer in taking action, and I don’t tell you to go away and do something unless I use that same strategy myself, by writing this blog post for you I am training for tomorrow.
  • Create a video, this is easy to do, again don’t make it a sales pitch, make it a training or educational video about your products and services.
  • Find some great content someone else has created and share it on your Facebook Business Page

So to finish off, the ideas I have presented you in this post will do nothing for you if you don’t put them into action!

Don’t be the one who just reads it moves on and never does anything with it. Leave a comment in the section below and let me know exactly what you are going to do TODAY to train for tomorrow.

By leaving a comment you are reinforcing to your brain that you are going to do it, so you are far more likely to follow through.

It also makes you accountable, because I am going to come and check on you and make sure you have done it.

Cheers Beanie
The “Social” Tradie

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David Stevens November 15, 2011 at 2:57 am

Hey Beanie,
Have taken note. I blog generally twice per week, just published yesterday. I am working on another which I intend publishing on Thursday. Prepared video this morn to fit in with post. Will send you link when posted.
be good to yourself

Adam Bean November 16, 2011 at 2:48 am

Hay David
Looking forward to your insights, especially seeing your video. Are you on You Tube, let me know your channel so that I can subscribe.

Cheers Beanie

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