What could be better than a 100% money back guarantee?

by Adam Bean on March 12, 2012

Those that know me well know that I am a huge fan of Mal Emery! Now Mal tells it like it is in no uncertain terms! Man after my own heart!

So yes a lot of what I do is modelled on Mal and his teachings. Now Mal believe’s that the good old 100% money back guarantee is tired and worn out. And that these days you need to offer a better than 100% money back guarantee.


So I can’t just sit here in preach this stuff to you without actually putting it into practice myself. Can I ? I mean where would my credability be if I didn’t practice what I preached?

So here it is….

Coming up very shorthly I am running two workshops. One in Agnes Water, and one in Murwillumbah NSW. So this is what I am going to do…. You come along to one of my workshops’s and listen to the first two sessions.

They are…..

  1. How to grow your Facebook Business Page with quality Likers, with a big emphasis on leveraging local events.
  2. How to turn your website into a silent salesman that works harder for your business than you do.

Now here is what I am going to do…

You come along and sit through the first two sessions, and if you decide that what I teach really isn’t going to work for you.

I will give you 100% of your money back no questions asked.

I know what you are thinking…. That is only a money back guarantee Beanie, you said you were going to offer better than a money back guaranetee!

Boy are you impatient! Lol

Allright, here is the better than money back guarantee part. Not only will I give you your money back, but I will give you a copy of my new course….

Facebook for fishing related businesses. Now don’t be fooled the course will work for any business! And I will explain why I specifically called it that at the workshop. I am going to start selling that course online very soon for $197.00

So basically you will get paid just for listening to me speak! How is that for a better than money back guarantee?

Ok so it’s action time. All you need to do to buy your ticket (risk free for you, remember I am taking all of the risk) is just click on the applicable workshop link below, where you will go to eventbrite (and you may still be to take advantage of the early bird special) which will step you through the simple ticket purchase system.

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop There is also a heap more info about what you will learn at the workshop on the eventbrite link.


Murwillumbah Workshop

Agnes Water Workshop


Speak Soon

Cheers Beanie “The Social Tradie”



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