Always Listen to your Market!

by Adam Bean on March 14, 2012

Whenever I teach you about creating new products and services for your market, I always tell you to listen to what they want. 

Well this is the feedback I have been getting from a few people….

Beanie I really want to come to your workshop, but I don’t need the on going coaching.

I feel that the people saying this really don’t understand the value of having someone on there tail making sure they put all of my teachings into action.

I mean even Tigers Woods has a coach! And he is the best in the business.

But if that is what the market wants, then that is what they will get. Well the quick one’s anyway.

Here is what I am going to offer…

There will be 5 tickets on offer for $187.88 + GST. They will only be on line for 48 hours, then they are gone! And they come with a catch, well two catches actually!

You can sit through the first two session….

  • Effective Facebook Marketing
  • How to turn your website into a silent salesman that works harder for your business than you do.

And you get a copy of my course… Facebook for Fishing Related Businesses

You will not get the following…

  • Access to the Smart Phone Apps session

  • Any on going coaching

I just wanted to make that perfectly clear, so that there is no confusion.

Look forward to seeing you at the workshop

Cheers Beanie “The Social Tradie”

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