Branding Ain’t just about looking pretty!

by Adam Bean on March 26, 2012

You see this all the time and it drives me nuts!

You have to build your brand.   

Now don’t get me wrong, building a brand is important. But as the title suggests….

Branding Ain’t just about looking pretty

Now I don’t know who said this but I wish I could find him/her and string them up!

“You only get one chance at a first impression”

Really! I mean no shit Sherlock, how long did it take to figure that pearl of wisdom out!

The real problem with this saying is that we have all heard it so many times that we believe it is the be all and end all. There is something far more important than a first impression and you and I are going to have a chat about it today.

Can you guess what it is?? It’s called a lasting impression, now let me explain exactly what I mean with two of my own real life examples…

Take for instance Gary Vee. My first impression of him was, who the hell is this clown, why on earth would I want to listen to him? Click gone see you later mate. Then what happened next? People that I have a lot of respect for started singing his praises and sharing his content.

So old Beanie thinks to himself… Maybe I missed something. Best I get across and check him out again. Why did I go back and check out his content? Because Gary continually delivered excellent quality content that made a lasting impression on others which flowed back to me.

Case two, and I have my old mate and partner in crime on the Local Social Business Show, Alistair Bull for getting me to come to my senses on this one. Alistair kept telling me about this podcast called I love Marketing. I went to their site & tried to listen to an episode, but decided it just wasn’t for me. Every time Alistair and I spoke he would mention the podcast. So again good old Beanie thinks to himself, Alistair only recommends top quality stuff. He has never given me a bum steer before, the I love Marketing podcast has to be good.

Guess what happened next? I got over my own misconceptions of these guys, and I am now a raving fan.

So we have figured out that first impressions aren’t the be all and end all. And that lasting impressions are the thing that counts. What can you do today to brand your website without spending a cent on making it look pretty? Listen closely because this is what you need to do.

Write a clear message about what you do, how your market is going to benefit and a put clearly spelled out call to action at the end of it. This alone is far more important than the actual design!

You don’t need to go any further than Frank Kern’s simple three step process. It’s called

  • Here’s what I got
  • Here is how you are going to benefit
  • Here is what I want you to do next
Simple I know, but guess what? It’s effective. All right enough ranting for today it’s action time. Next week I am running a workshop in Tweed Heads NSW. It’s called…

Effective Facebook Marketing, for small business owners.

I am going to teach you a lot of smart effective social marketing strategies, just like the one above. Here is what I want you to do next.
Grab your ticket from eventbrite, via the box below my video, and I will see you at the workshop.

Cheers Beanie, The “Social” Tradie




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