So I am on your website, what do you want me to do now?

by Adam Bean on March 27, 2012

When I ask most business owners this question…      

So I am on your website what do you want me to do now?

They usually stare at me with a blank gaze and say…

I dunno!

Now it’s not because they are stupid, I mean these are bright people that are used to wearing many hats and jugglin all sorts of tasks.

Most of the time they are just to damned busy to even stop and have a think about what they want their website to do. Most have just been told the old line of….

You have to get a website to get your name out there! Now I have nothing against getting your name out there, but that is not what your website should be about.

Your website should be a silent salesman that works harder for your business than you do. Generating leads and sales 24/7!

Anyway in the video below I am going to give you a simple system to capture people’s attention quickly and get them to either call you or come in to your store to learn more.

Like some more great info like the stuff you just learned in the video? Then you can check out my upcoming workshop on this blue link to eventbrite. As well as learn some more great small business marketing ideas. You can buy your tickets to attend next week.

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop.

Cheers Beanie, The “Social” Tradie


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