Four Words to boost your bottom line profits

by Adam Bean on April 10, 2012

This was a recent conversation on Facebook.

It is so simple it is ridiculous! But don’t be fooled

It may be simple, but if you really grasp the concept and run with it.

It is exceptionally Powerful.

Enough talk let’s get straight into this and find out why these four words are so magical.

Let me set you right straight up, these words are not my stroke of genius. I wish they were but you can’t win them all.

This very powerful lesson came via a Facebook status update that copywriting genius Pete Godfrey posted.

So what did he say? You are dying to know. Right? Well here it is.

“Just 4 words. 4 words to boost your bottom line profits. 4 words to dramatically increase your sales. 4 words that banishes money worries forever. The 4 words? Simply, “More offers, more often.” There… you can thank me later” Peter Godfrey

If you have never read any of Pete’s words of wisdom, I would highly recommend that you get across to his website and learn a whole heap more right now!

Be sure to come back though, because I am going to show you how to do this (particularly on Facebook) so that you don’t look like a cheap rug salesman.

First thing you need to really understand is…

Making an offer does not necessarily mean discounting your main product. Let me explain…

I spoke at a Chamber of Commerce Meeting in Murwillumbah the other day and this is how I structured my offer…

I have a seven week online coaching program where I step business owners through the process of generating leads and sales from their Facebook Business Page.

I will not under any circumstances discount this product! That is my rule and I am sticking to it. So I am talking to this group pitching them the idea of signing up. I need something to motivate them to take action, but remember I don’t discount this product, so that option is out the window.

What are you going to do then Beanie, I hear you thinking? How are you going to get yourself out of this little dilemma?

Quite easily actually, by adding value.

I have a course on called Facebook for fishing related businesses. I sell it for $197.00 and it is worth every cent. If businesses take and use the training in it, they could easily make back the price of the course in a couple of weeks!

Even less if they really take some action. I also do a Social Marketing audit for businesses, this is valued at $497.00 and I am yet to see a business that I couldn’t easily get that money back for, inside of a month.

So here is what I offered them…

The Seven week coaching program (which I won’t discount) throw in a Social Marketing Audit, and a copy of my course all for the $497.00 that I charge for the coaching package.

The other thing that I did so as to make the offer more appealing was…

My talk wasn’t just a sales pitch. Those that have seen me speak know that that just isn’t my style! What I did do was deliver them a massive amount of information that they could take and immediately use to improve their small business marketing ideas. Even they way I presented the offer was a lesson in marketing, I told them this is how you need to structure your offers to move people to like your Facebook Business Page.

So why would I go to so much trouble to present my offer this way?  I do it because if you just keep posting “buy my stuff” constantly on your Facebook page without adding any value, then you are very quickly going to piss every one on your page right off.

Click unlike there goes another one!

Facebook is a social site so what do you need to do is make social offers. You need to tie into events, create packages and always add value.

So it’s action time. I want to know what event is coming up in the next three weeks that you can use to make a Social Offer to your market. Post what the event is and the package that you are going to offer in the comments below, so that everyone that comes to my blog see’s what great value you have to offer.

Cheers Beanie, The “Social” Tradie



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