Cutting through the BS. 3 simple steps to work out who you should take advice from about Social Media Marketing

by Adam Bean on April 15, 2012

To those that know me well, the following is not going to be a big surprise.

I don’t suffer fools, and I only take business advice from people that have already achieved what I want to achieve.

They also know that I like to keep things simple. If it simple and it works, then I can make it happen quickly and I get to where I want to go faster.

Now I am pretty sure there are a hell of a lot of business owners just like yourself out there that would like to know exactly how to quickly work out who they should be listening to when it comes to getting advice about their Social Marketing Strategies.

As I said I don’t do complicated because it takes to long and it’s to hard to learn. So I have a simple three step process that you can use to cut through all of the crap and work out exactly who you should be taking advice from.

Are you ready?  Ok hear it is, and it’s quite earth shattering… That is a joke by the way! Enough BS Beanie what is it….

  1. Is the person you are taking advice from already achieving the outcome you desire?
  2. Do they practice what they preach, and use what they teach?
  3. Can they explain to you in terms you understand (And that make sense to you) what you need to do?
If you answered NO to any of those question, don’t stop and collect $200 keep looking! Stick your finger in your ears and keep moving.

That isn’t a joke I really mean it!

You see there are an awful lot of marketing companies out there that are just looking to take your advertising dollars so that they can keep doing what they love doing.

Now there is nothing wrong with them wanting to do what they love. But you shouldn’t end up being the poor schmuck that finances them if they can’t produce results for you?

What do I mean by results? Are there people actually walk in the door or calling you to buy your products and services, because of the social marketing strategies that they have put in place for you?


This whole just get your name out there is complete bullshit when it comes to Small Business Marketing. What you want is to generate leads and sales.

If I tell you to do something it will be because of on or both of the  following reasons…

  1. I am using it myself, and I know that it works
  2. I have learnt it from one of the guys below, and I know they know exactly what they are talking about, because they have the runs on the board.

These are the people I take my advice from. And why do I listen to them? Because they have already achieved what I want to do. Check them out and you will see what I mean.

Ed Dale : My favourite advice from Ed is called… The magnificent symphony of four parts, (Market Research, Traffic, Conversion, Product) simple yet brilliant and very powerful. Watch it here => The magnificent symphony

Justin Herald : Mr Attitude himself! Justin’s biggest impact on me…. His book, How to grow your business without spending a single cent!

Mal Emery : No BS direct response marketing expert. Biggest impact on me..  Seven Keys to making $100,000 in the next 100 days. It will cost you the price of your email address for the audio! Way to freaking cheap IMHO! It’s pure Gold

Pete Godfrey : The copywriting wizard. This statement hit me right between the eyes… “Just 4 words. 4 words to boost your bottom line profits. 4 words to dramatically increase your sales. 4 words that banishes money worries forever. The 4 words? Simply, “More offers, more often.” There… you can thank me later” Get to his website NOW

Frank Kern : Is a surfer and swears a lot, so he must be cool in my books! I love Frank’s simple three step system for selling more stuff… Here is what I got, here is how you are going to benefit, here is what I want you to do next. Brilliant

Gary Veynerchuk : His book Crush it  has had a huge impact on me, as well as his constant stream of immensely valuable video’s.

Andy Jenkins : The video Bawss, this post… 8 rules for Social Media Success, is an absolute cracker!

The I love Marketing boys, Dean Jackson & Joe Polish : The best Podcast on the planet! No need to say anymore! Be sure to grab the break through DNA report, again it will only cost you roue email address!

Seth Godin : Tribes is freakin brilliant, get a copy and follow it!

There is quite literally thousands of dollars worth of information on the links I have provided you above, and most of it is free. So why are you still here? Get busy and start using it!

Cheers Beanie, The “Social” Tradie


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