Facebook won’t fix your CRAP marketing

by Adam Bean on April 12, 2012

All right if you are a little Beanies Small Business Marketing Ideason the sensitive side and easily offended.

I would highly recommend you don’t read any further today.

Why I hear you asking?

Because today I’m letting Beanie the Construction Superintendent post.

And he isn’t real happy!

Over to your Beanie…

Listen up real good because this is how it is…

I am sick and tired of hearing whinging business owners say something pathetic like this…

I tried Facebook but it didn’t work! Let me tell you a little secret about why it didn’t work for you…

If you used the same tired worn out, Crap marketing that hasn’t provided you with any results for the last 5, 10, 15 years and posted it on Facebook.

Guess what?

It’s just going to be the exact same pile of CRAP on Facebook.

We have a saying in the construction industry that goes just like this…



If your marketing is a pile of crap offline, then it’s just going to be a pile of crap on Facebook. Facebook isn’t a magic wand that is going to transform your small business marketing ideas overnight.

Another reason Business Owners never ever get anything like a reasonable result from being on Facebook is…

They treat it as a joke. The platform may be free, but the way you use it isn’t!

Think about it this way…

Say you go to a car yard and for some unknown reason the dealer decides to give you a brand new car for free. Do you expect to just jump in it drive it forever and never have to spend a cent on it just because you got it for free?

Won’t you need to put petrol in it, maintain it and pay the registration for it? Well Facebook is no different. You want to start generating some leads and sales from Facebook, then start spending some money on using it effectively.

To prove my point, the case I am going to use is the Super Butcher. If you haven’t read Social Beanie’s post on the Super Butcher read it here => How the Super Butcher is carving them up with Social Media

People say to me “oh he is so lucky to have a huge audience like that”. Now that stupid statement really pisses me off! Luck would have had F@#% all {those characters is me holding back what I would really like to say!} to do with him having a page with nearly 17000 people on it. He would have spent a considerable amount of both money and time to achieve that incredible result.

So why would he have done it? Think about it…

He is no longer tied to TV, Radio or any other form of advertising, and the premium they decide to impose on him in busy times like Easter, Christmas, etc, etc.

He has his own audience that he can reach far more effectively with a Facebook status update or by sending an email. No longer is he tied to the whims of someone else’s marketing platform.

Because he has his own {targeted} audience on tap!

So if I have offended you in any way today GOOD. You can thank me in the comments section below. But just remember, it may have been the kick in the arse that you needed to wake up and realize why you are not getting anywhere.

The added bonus is…

I may have just saved your business from going broke via ineffective marketing as well. Anyway I don’t have time for any more of this BS, I have a construction project to build!

Back to Social Beanie

I told you it wouldn’t be pretty, but you really needed to hear that message. So if you are sick and tired of constantly forking out your hard earned cash on ineffective marketing and you are ready to build your own audience so that you aren’t forever tied to the whim’s of the marketing platforms you are currently using.

Just click the blue link and fill out the form at the bottom of the page you are taken to with your name, email address and best contact phone number to book in for your  Social Marketing Audit

Speak Soon

Cheers Beanie, The “Social” Tradie




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