Do you need more time, to unwind?

by Adam Bean on April 17, 2012

Beanie's Small Business Marketing Ideas

 Spend your weekend relaxing on the beach

While your automated sales system turns…

Cold leads into Hot buyers!


How am I going to do that Beanie? That is the question you are asking right now, isn’t it?

Alright, here is what I have got..

I have condensed all you need to know to create an online marketing system that leverages Facebook, into an easy to understand (and implement) half hour training video.

No longer will you have to spend hour upon hour wading through hundreds of Youtube video’s to figure it all out. All you need to get started is just a click away. Right inside my video course.

Imagine how much free time you will have on your hands once your automated sales system is set up and working harder for your business than you used to!

All that now stands between you and the closely guarded secrets that some of the internet’s top online marketers are using, is just a couple of mouse clicks!

Once your system is up and working you will be able to spend time at the beach, watch the kids sports, take your partner out for dinner, and even take the dog for a walk.

All without having to worry about where your next sales is coming from, because you know your online system is busily working to find that next sale for you.

The system uses a number of social marketing strategies, including a little known technique (That I learnt from some Frank Kern training) called results in advance.

What this technique will do is brand you as an expert that you are in the mind of prospective customers. It also automates the selling process, by turning cold leads into hot buyers.

By the time your prospects are finished watching your results in advance video’s, they will literally be kicking down the front door of your shop to stuff money in your pockets!

When you start using the techniques I teach you in this video, you business is going to stand out in your local market like the proverbial dogs you know what’s!

Think about it this way…

Let’s say you own a local camera shop, and in your town there are five other camera shops.

Because you purchased my course, and actually used the social marketing strategies I taught you. Word is spreading about all the sensational information you provide about photography via your results in advance video’s and a few other strategies you will learn.

People are talking about how great your business is on Facebook, and you are becoming the market leader on what type of camera to purchase. Where do you think the majority of people are going to go to buy a camera in your town?

To you of course, because you have put the time and effort into learning the strategies that your competition doesn’t even have a clue how to implement.

Anyway I know you are as keen as mustard to get started, just click on this blue link and hit the Take This Course button when you get there!

Oh yeah nearly forgot before I go…

Here is my disclaimer that my lawyer and the online watch dogs make me include! You do have to set the system up for it to actually work, and I also have to tell you that results are not typical. Or words to that effect!

Aren’t they kill joys? But I suppose they do have a job to do. Right?

Looking forward to hearing about your successes

Cheers Beanie, The Social Tradie

7 Keys to making Sales from Facebook for Small Biz Owners

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