I want YOU to make more money this week!

by Adam Bean on April 24, 2012

Before we even get started today Beanies Small Business Marketing IdeasI want to be straight up and honest about my intentions.

You see there is a reason I want you to start making more money this week.

It’s so that you can come and buy more of my products and services!

How is that for transparency in my marketing?

So how am I going to help you make more money this week? Good question. This is how I will help you out…

The other day I did a webinar which I recorded and turned into a $37.00 video course.

I am not going to go right into to it again, you can read all about it here=> Do you need more time to unwind?

Long story short there are seven key steps that you need to have in place to create sales from Facebook, I won’t mess you around I will tell you what they are right now

  1. You must pick a single target market
  2. You need to create a yearly marketing calendar
  3. You need to leverage events as much as possible
  4. You need to make more offers more often, without looking like a rug salesman
  5. You have to collect email addresses
  6. You need to educate your market with a process called results in advance
  7. You must use webinar’s and livestreaming to generate interest

This half hour video course that I created is going to shortcut the whole process immensely for you. It will teach you the exact tools you can use do make all of this happen, ASAP.

So the price of the course $37.00 is a complete bargain, when you consider what it is going to do for you and your business. So what is the gift you promised us Beanie I hear you asking?

Good question. The gift is….

I am going to give NINE of you the course for free, if you do me a little favour.

The course is up on udemy.com if you go to that link it is going to cost you $37.00 dollars. I need to get some traction on udemy. If you are willing (remember only the first nine of you will get this offer) to write me an honest review of the course. You can go to this link right here and get it for free  until tomorrow which is the 25/4/2012! You will need this code word =>  smallbizblog

That’s it, follow the link, put the code in (there are only nine free spots) do the steps in the video’s, make some money, then come and buy some more of my services!


Cheers Beanie, the “Social” Tradie


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