Are your “Trade Secret’s” making you look like a… Dumb Ass?

by Adam Bean on April 30, 2012

First up before we even start. Credit where credit is due Beanies Small Business Marketing Ideas

This post is a direct result of reading a blog post by Paul Barrs of and this was the comment that sparked this post…

“Note: Make it QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY. Make it so damn good that people should have paid for it – and give it away for free.” Paul Barrs

We used to have a saying when I played football, no matter how good you natural talent is, there will always be someone bigger, fitter, faster and stronger.

Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t compete with them, you just need to be smarter about how you do it.

Size and speed were never assets that I had, (but it didn’t mean that I couldn’t hold my own & compete) my brain tended to work quite a bit quicker than most of the meat heads I was playing against!

Which brings me to today’s topic… Trade Secrets.

If your business is relying on a couple of trade secret’s to compete in today’s market place, then guess what? It’s not a business.

So what are you saying Beanie? I should give my best information away for free? That is exactly what I am saying! No matter how good your info is, there is someone else out there giving away better for free.

By you holding back and not sharing your knowledge, you are literally making yourself look like a Dum Ass, even though your are not.

Between Google, You Tube, Facebook etc etc, there is literally enough information out there to learn whatever you could possible want to learn, if and this is a big if….




If you start creating products that save people time, then the possibilities are endless for you. Now you are selling something that is in very short supply and high demand!

Trade secrets and you knowledge are just tools used to educate your market as to how well what you are selling will work for them.

How many times have you heard this…. It is a classic in the Social Marketing Industry.

Business owners (replace with customers) just don’t understand how powerful Social Media Marketing (Replace with your product) is. They just don’t get it.

There is a reason people that are struggling to make sales say this type of thing. It’s because it is always easier to blame someone else for their lack of success, than it is to face up to the cold hard facts that they need to do something differently.

I am not just talking to you either BTW, I am talking to myself as well! Give yourself an upper cut Beanie!

Social Media is still relatively new, and there are a lot of so called experts out there pushing all sorts of Crap (that will never work) as to how to market your business online.

No wonder the poor old local business owner doesn’t understand how she is going to benefit, because no one is educating her as to just how powerful this stuff really is because…

It’s a big SECRET


You market is no different. You need to educate your customer’s as to why your products will save them time and money in the long run, and if you have to let all of your trade secrets out of the bag for that to happen. Then so be it.

So what is your big SECRET? Tell us in the comments below.

I mean you don’t want to look like a Dumb Ass! Do You?

 Cheers Beanie, the “Social” Tradie



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