So I came to your website and left straight away! Why? Because you didn’t speak to me

by Adam Bean on April 29, 2012

This is a letter from a recent visitorBeanies Small Business Marketing Ideas to your website. If you listen to him and heed his warning, sales from your site will soar.

Ignore him and you will keep getting the very same poor results you are getting right now!

Anyway I will hand you over so that he can tell you his story.

I had a problem and I though that you could fix it, because your radio ad said you could.

You said if I visited your website you could help me find a present for my wife. But when I landed on your website there were to many choices, and no mention of the section for the solution to MY problem!

I don’t mean to be rude, but this is all about me! I don’t care about your business, I just want to know if you can make my life easier and provide me with the solution I need.

I though I would give you a second try because I saw your ad on the television this time. So I jumped on my phone that was right beside me, but guess what? Your website looks like a dog’s breakfast on my phone.  

Have you actually ever tried to read your website on your own phone yourself? Do you really think I am going to take the time to read sentences that I have to scroll across and back on every few words?

Obviously the answer is no, because you would have fixed it by now if you had! Do you really have no idea of  just how busy I  am? Look at the time, the football is on, click see you I have to go.

I was hoping you site would be different to all the other sites, I was hoping that you had actually take the time to tell me how you could fix my problem today. The money was right there in my wallet ready to go, but you just didn’t take the time to speak to me.

Laugh if you want but that is reality, if your website doesn’t speak to someone specific, then it won’t speak to anyone at all.

So how do you find out if this is happening on your website everyday?

Go to you website and answer these question honestly. You are only cheating yourself if you don’t.

  • Is the text, video and audio on your website about you and your business, or is it about you customers problems?
  • Does the headline grab people’s attention immediately? For the website above it should read something like this… Do you need help selecting the perfect present for your wife?
  • Does your website then go on to explain how you can fix a very specific problem?
  • Is there a call to action at the bottom of the page?

Think of it this way….

You go to a bbq  on the weekend. There are numerous groups of people standing around, some are talking about the cricket, some the wedding they just went to etc, etc.

Would you stand in the middle of this group start talking about a random topic and expect everyone to stop what they are doing and pay attention?

Of course you wouldn’t, because not everyone is going to be interested in what you have to say.

You can’t come up with one message that is going  to speak directly to the whole group . Right?

What do you do is find the group of people that have a similar interest, take the time to introduce yourself, then when you have their attention, tell them what you have to say.

So why do you think you can just do the opposite on your website?  You have to remember you are dealing with real individual people that want you to speak directly to them!

If you are still not sure exactly what you should do to fix your website, head over and sign up for my Social Marketing Audit, and we will…

Speak Soon

Cheers Beanie, the “Social” Tradie

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