I understand what you mean (pigs arse u do), I have a marketing degree

by Adam Bean on May 8, 2012

Anyone that knows me knows I have very Beanies Small Business Marketing Ideaslittle regard for the education system or how it is run. Now don’t get me wrong I want to make this point crystal clear…


But the problem with the education system is, it’s not about education. It’s just a tool for controlling the masses and all they teach is memorisation.

But that is a another rant for another day.

Back to the point of this post…

Before I tell you this story, I want you to understand this. I have nothing against this person at all. I tell this story because it demonstrates a very important point, that could save you a lot of cash and heart break in the long run.

At the moment I have a website that I am selling. Anyway Zborjk {I am using that name to protect the innocent} shows some interest in it. I want to sell the website, but I want to work with the person that I sell it to so that they get there money back ASAP.

Zborjk says that they don’t need my help, and they can do all of their marketing themselves!

Yeah right. This is starting to sound familiar!

So I take a deep breath and say this is not just about physically bringing people into your business. I am going to monetize this website for you via apps, information products, email marketing etc.

Zborjk then informs me of the following…

“I know exactly what you are talking about, as I have a marketing degree”

There is the huge problem with a marketing degree IMHO.

Marketing Degrees are taught in Universities. They are taught by Professors that are “suppose to be marketing experts”

Now I have a real problem with this scenario, let me explain why.

Professor’s that teach marketing, get their knowledge from other professor’s that teach marketing.  These guys all work for a wage, and what they teach is in no way results based. Their pay goes in their bank account every week regardless of the results {or lack of} they get.

They do not have to use any of the marketing strategies that they teach to provide any income for themselves. And what is worse is they they don’t even run a business, they just work for the University.

So my question is…

How to they become experts at marketing, when their knowledge of marketing is only ever used in a theoretical environment, where no results are ever recorded?

Now you see where I am coming from don’t you?

A marketing degree from a University I do not have {nor do I want}  I learnt my trade from the teachings of the following guys. Real business owners that actually make their living from using the marketing strategies they teach. Here are just a few of their names..

  • Ed Dale
  • Justin Herald
  • Mal Emery
  • Frank Kern
  • Any Jenkins
So the question you need to ask yourself is..


Would you rather have someone like me that learnt from all I know from the teachings of some of the smartest marketing minds on the planet marketing your business for you, or would you rather listen to someone with a “Marketing Degree” sprout theoretical bullshit!


Geez Beanie when you put it like that it is a bit of a no brainer! Lol

Now I know for a fact that Zborjk didn’t have a fucking clue what I was talking about when I told him how I could monetize that website. How do I know?  Because Zborjk completely brushed past every strategy I talked about.

This is a little system that I have for figuring out if people know what they are talking about.  And it works on anything to by the way. If someone says to you, “I know what you mean”, and they just brush past what you are talking about, then guess what??

They don’t have a fucking clue about what you just explained to them! Yes that is the technical construction term for it to BTW! Lol

This is the second test, which I also performed.

If they tell you that they know exactly what you are talking about, (and you know how well it works, because you use it yourself ) go and have a look to see if they are implementing what you are teaching them.

Have a guess what I found when I looked at Zborjks website?

Zero of what I was talking about.

In fact it looked exactly like the type of marketing one of those professor’s that I mentioned earlier in the post, would have taught in 1980. Mmm  I wonder why that might be?

Something to do with the “Marketing Degree” I suspect! Lol

I guess it all comes back to this…

Are you impressed with title’s like “A Marketing Degree” or would you just rather see “Results” that are going to put money in your pocket?

I know which one I will take thank you very much!

So if you want to start seeing some results from your marketing, and you don’t just want to hear the same old tired bullshit that someone with a Marketing Degree, that gained their knowledge from someone else that has never actually sold anything to anyone.

If you want to get a real Marketing Education, that will help you bury the bad marketing advice that is costing you time, money and your will to live.

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 Cheers Beanie, the Social Tradie


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