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by Adam Bean on May 17, 2012

Every week here on Beanies Beanies Small Business Marketing Ideas, on the Gold Coast @ Cabarita BeachSmall Business Marketing Ideas,

I run some training called #TaDaFriday.

The purpose behind it is to give business owners like yourself some quick simple social marketing strategies that you can use immediately to improve your marketing.

Which in turn will generate more leads and sales for your business.

Exactly what you want right?

So this week I am having a little flash back to a 1980’s song….  Video killed the radio star!

With Google + now introducing the live-streaming feature, I get the distinct feeling that history may be repeating itself, and it may not be just the radio star that is in trouble.

Let me explain where I am coming from.

The other day I read a post about dominating local search results by using a YouTube video with some relevant keyword targeting. This is interesting I think to myself.

A couple of nights later I am having my weekly chat with Alistair Bull from the Full Noise. We get together every week to plan and record our podcast which is also all about small business marketing ideas that the local bricks and mortar business owner can take and put to good use straight away.

Now Alistair has been on my back for quite some time now to start using Google +, I keep telling him that there is no point because it is only him and one other bloke on there! Lol. This night he says…

Have you seen that you can live stream from a Google + hangout now! You can what I said?? Damn him he knows me to well already, he knows that video is my weakness and that this will instantly get me over to Google +. So we try it out and it’s a great tool. Anway on with recording the show we go.

A couple of days later my brain which has had the Google + live-stream and local search post mixing around in it says…

Hey Beanie, what if you took the local search technique and crossed it with a Google + hangout live-stream? I mean that has to be a great small business marketing idea, particularly from an SEO perspective? Doesn’t it?

So this is part of that test. It is working like gang busters at the moment, but it’s not complete! In the next post, I will show you some of my results, and we will find out if…

Video will kill the radio star!

Speak Soon

Cheers,  Beanie the “Social” Tradie

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