What would a boilermaker from Australia know about, Small Business Marketing Ideas ?

by Adam Bean on May 21, 2012

Well my secret is out! Point Danger, Queensland, Australia

Actually I have never tried to keep it a secret because I see it as a distinct advantage not a hindrance.

Yes Beanie the Social Tradie is a boilermaker from Australia. Now this is post number two in my quest/test to get ranked on the front page of goggle for very competitive search term.

If you missed the first post, you can get up to speed on this link right here => Small Business Marketing Ideas on the Gold Coast with Beanie

For the less educated of you lol, a boilermaker is defined this way by Wikipedia. Now don’t call me a welder becasue it really pisses me off! A welder is a boilermaker that can’t read a drawing. Oh I am gonna pay for that one!!!

So I know what you are thinking right now (and no I am not a psychic), well at least I don’t think I am. What the hell would a boilermaker from Australia know about marketing. Well to start off with nothing, but that was five years ago when I was introduced to some of the best online marketing training on the planet.

I got started in online marketing via a program that is run by a guy that goes by the name of Ed Dale, and the training that he runs yearly is called the challenge.

Now at the end of a challenge in 2009, Ed threw down the gauntlet. He said small business owners like yourself were getting shafted by marketers that weren’t getting them any results. Take what  you have learnt on the challenge and get out there and hep them Ed said.

And so Beanies Small Business Marketing Ideas was born.

Back to the gist if this series. I have been working away diligently (that is a big word for a boily)  to rank for the search term Small Business Marketing Ideas  because that is the people Ed told us we needed to help.

Now it is a highly competitive search term, and I have been slowly making prorgress towards the top of the serach engines for it, but it’s been a slow process. Especially seeing how that I am still working in the construction industry as well.

Slow it has been until I come up with a stroke of brilliance the other day and crossed Google + new hangout live-stream feature, with a few other SEO strategies. Actually I can’t claim all of the credit. My partner in crime from the Local Social Business Show Podcast  Alistair Bull has had quite a bit to do with the results I have been getting.

Any way  in this series of posts I will continue to create keyword targeted content that is first class, and will ensure that you will have actual real world marketing strategies that you  can use to generate leads and sales.

This is where you come in.

If you are reading along with this series and you would like to help me out with my quest, I would really appreciate it if you could share, like, tweet, etc. Any help you could give me by sharing my story with people that you feel would benefit from reading/watching it (please only share it with people that you feel would benefit, I am not here to annoy all and sundry) would really be appreciated.

As I said I have a real desire to pass on what I have been fortunate enough to learn to those that have a desire to get hold of this Social Media Marketing thing, and use it to create a better life/business for themselves and their families.

To finish off today you might also like to watch the video below also covers how to use Facebook for your business. I have included it as video has been a big part of the search results I am currently getting.

This little test case is far from over for me, and I won’t stop until I have cemented myself in the number one spot that I want.

So if you have something that you would like me to test out for you in this little experiment, just drop a comment below.

And we will speak soon.

Cheers Beanie, The Social Tradie



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