Beanies Small Business Marketing Ideas, Don’t be like the NSW Blues

by Adam Bean on May 25, 2012

Imagine this…Beanies Small Business Marketing Ideas in Australia

You are six nil down in the biggest series there is in rugby league, and you are given an opportunity.

Queensland are out on ther feet, you have just been awarded a penalty 40 meters out from their line.

A try right now will almost certainly break them, and put you in an unbeatable position.

Or you can play it safe and kick for goal, which the odds of missing are pretty high given the distance out and the angle you are on.

What do you do?

Well the other night NSW went with the option to kick for goal, and every one in QLD breatehed a sigh of relief.

You see QLD know how to win and take advantage of an opportunity when it presents itself. That little bit of relief NSW gave them by picking the wrong option, was all they needed to go on and win the game.

That is why they are six series up.

But NSW as well as they played just don’t know how to win, or how to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

Great story Beanie you are thinking to yourself, but what has this got to do with your usual small business marketing ideas that you are becoming well known for (particularly in Australia)?

Short answer… EVERYTHING

Have you ever done a NSW in business? I know I have.

An opportunity is looking you square in the eye saying… “go on I dare you to use me” But we go into survival mode and decide, I will play to win next week!

Guess what ? next week never comes!

The time to take opportunities is when they present themselves! So that is what we are going to take a look at today in #TaDaFriday.

Secondly we are going to take a look and see what small business marketing ideas we can leverage to get customers to keep coming back and buy more from you. I mean it makes sense to do that right?

You already know that the hardest sales to make is the first one. So why don’t you have a system in place to keep people coming back for more of your great products and services?

We will fix that today. Lastely before I go.

I have been neglecting my small business marketing ideas blog here a little lately, and for a very good reason.

I have been frantically working away building a course for you that cuts through all of the online crap, and shows you the exact steps, and tools that you need, to start generating leads and sales from Facebook.

Funnily enough it is called…

The fast track to generating leads and sales from Facebook!

Now you can’t buy it just yet because I haven’t pushed it live, but I will next week. What I will be doing is giving the people on my Facebook page the chance to buy it at huge discount. All of the details are on the video.

So sit back watch it and then head across and like my Facebook page if you haven’t already, and we will speak soon.

 Cheers Beanie, the Social Tradie


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