Marketing in Australia, 7 huge mistakes businesses are making

by Adam Bean on May 28, 2012

When it comes to Marketing in Australia,Marketing in Australia, Point Danger, Queensland, many small business owner seem to be really struggling to come to grips with the changes that are happening.

In the not to distant past all you had to do was run a Yellow-pages ad and a couple of promotions in the local newspaper. And through the doors the hordes came.

The game has completely changed with the invention of so called smart phones, and iPads. These devices have caused the way we consume our media to change rapidly.

Last week there was even the story of the Smart Phone App Amazon has helped develop where people can now come into your store scan a bar code on your products, and it will tell them if they can buy it cheaper somewhere near your shop, or online!

So many business owners rightly think that they need to get on to this social media band wagon ASAP. And rightly so. I mean if  Marketing in Australia is changing as quickly as you are saying Beanie, then this is where  they need to be right?

Yep absolutely spot on. They all need to be on social sites like Facebook to compete. But herein lies a big problem…

They go and sign up for a Facebook Business Page account, it’s free so how hard can it be to use right? Just take my offline marketing (which isn’t working) and slap it on Facebook and Bob is your Uncle right!


In fact I wrote another post about this very subject the other day. It was called wait for it…

Facebook won’t fix your crap marketing.

I won’t go right  into it here but the gist of the story is…

If your marketing won’t work offline, there is no way in hell it will work on Facebook.

So what can you do? Quite a bit actually, in fact I am going to give you seven mistakes you can stop making today! Do these immediately, and you will stand out online like the proverb-able dogs! Ready? Here we go.


  1. Because the platform they set up on is free, they think it needs no budget to maintain it! Fatal mistake, the platform may be free, but the marketing isn’t.
  2. They don’t know who they are selling to. If you want to sell on social sites you have to be specific. You must know exactly who your ideal customer is so that you can share the kind of information with them that they want to hear about, and you can create offers they are going to want to buy.
  3. They don’t have a reason to make offers. Pete Godfrey said this on Facebook not long back, “If you want to make more money, you have to make more offers more often” So you need to create yourself a yearly marketing calander that will allow you to make offers without looking like rug salesman.
  4. Their Facebook page looks like a sandwich board. In other words they just post their specials on there. They don’t use the platform as a tool to educate their market, and warm them up to buy. Sandwich boards do not cut it on Facebook or any other social sites.
  5. They neglect email marketing. Facebook is great but guess what? They own your business page, you don’t. You are just renting space off of them that they can take away. Any successful social marketing strategy must include email marketing.
  6. They don’t create any of their own content. To stand out online you must be seen as an expert. This is done by creting content like, blog posts, audio and video. Those smart phones we were talking about before have all of the tools that you need to do this.
  7. They don’t leverage live streaming or webinars. These are not hard to run and are so powerful becuase you are not selling one on one anymore, but one to many.

There you go, that is more than enough to get you started straight away. Do these things and you will stand out and be one of the few business that will thrive in the future.

Marketing in Australia isn’t about working harder, but working smarter! Got a smarter idea that you would like to share? Please feel free to post it into the comments below.

Cheers Beanie, the Social Tradie

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