Discover why “Please” like us on Facebook will NOT WORK, and how you can fix it in 3 simple steps

by Adam Bean on June 1, 2012

Please like us on Facebook How to use Facebook for your business

Do this right now, say it over and over 5 times, please like us on Facebook, please like us on Facebook, please like us on Facebook, please like us on Facebook, please like us on Facebook. How bloody needy does it sound? Think about this for a minute…

Have you ever walked into someone else’s shop and thought to yourself…

Hold on a second, they have a sign up. Please like us on Facebook. Just give me a second I will whip out my iPhone and like them right now! Of course you haven’t. Why?

Because there was no compelling reason for you to do it. I mean it’s not like there is a shortage of businesse pages that you can go out and like is there? Every man and his dog that has a Facebook business page that they want you to like, even if you don’t have the most remote interest in their producst or services. So why do they do it?

Beats the hell out of me!  There are far more  constructive thing they could be working on in their marketing, rather than wasting precious time and energy getting random people to like thier page. So what is the answer if please like us on Facebook just sounds needy, which we have already established. How do you get the quality likers across to your page?

Today I am going to share a simple three step system you can take and immediately use. This is exactly how to use Facebook for your business.

Number one

You have to  know who you are talking to. In today’s video I use the example of a fishing store that needs to talk to barramundi fishermen.

Number Two

You have to grab their attention quickly. Please like us on Facebook is not going to cut it!

Number Three

You have to make them an offer that they need to take action on immediately.

That is it, simple I know, but effective. That is how to use Facebook for your business.

Actually there is a little more to it, and I explain it all in the video.

Cheers Beanie, the Social Tradie

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