Just like luring a Barra from a Snag

by Adam Bean on June 17, 2012

Imagine this you are up in theBeanies Small Business Marketing Ideas Territory the humidity is 98% in fact you can break a sweat just thinking about casting your lure. Ahh the build up. Absolutely perfect conditions for snagging a huge barra and joining the meter plus club.

Given the stakes that are at play (joining the meter plus club, and the cartons you have bet all your mates that you will!) are you going to take a busted arse fishing rod with you? Or worse use a dirty old packet of prawns that have been sitting in a tackle shops freezer for months as bait?

Now way in hell. There is far too much at stake right?

Well bringing quality likers (not all likers are quality, we will talk more about this in a minute) to your facebook business page is no different. Let me explain…

Most people have a sign in their shop that goes something like this…

Please like us on Facebook for our weekly specials. Now there are three glaring problems to this approach, and I am going to tell you exactly what they are right now so that you don’t make the same mistake.

BTW if you do have one of these sign in your shop, don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault you have been told to do it this way. You see when Facebook Business Pages first came out all you needed was a sign that said something similiar, to bring likers to your page.

However times have changed, and people are now a lot more choosy about the pages that they like. So what are these three issues?

  1. Please like US on Facebook, is all about YOU. Your customer is only interested in how they can benefit, they don’t care about you. That may sound harsh, but it is the cold hard facts
  2. It sounds needy!
  3. It’s not specific enough. Exactly what are your weekly specials?

Like us on Facebook for our weekly specials is the equivalent of dragging a dirty old prawn bait in front of that meter plus barra we are chasing. As it goes past his nose he sits there and thinks to himself…

Don’t think so old mate, I will wait until something a little more inviting comes along.

We are never going to join the meter plus club or win those carton’s this way! So what are we going to do to land the quality likers we need?

Lets get back to catching the meter plus barra, because as you may have already guessed, we are going to use the exact same strategies on our Facebook likers, as we are on him.

When you were packing up for this fishing trip you would have packed your very best fishing gear. All of the special lures that rarely get wet would be coming along on this trip! You know the ones. That gold bomber that never fails to drive the barra into a frenzy.

We need the exact same gear to bring people across to your Facebook page.

Despite what you may have been told you really only want quality likers (the equivalent of meter plus barra) on your Facebook page. Why do only want quality likers? Well good old Cuzin Andy Jenkins summed it up perfectly when he said this…

“The quality, not the quantity of your audience will determine your ability to sell to them via Social Media”

Or another pearl of wisdom Cuzin Andy came out with was…  “You need to go Narrow”

What Andy means by this is that you need to speak to a specific crowd that have a very specific interest. When your business is fishing related, just talking to fishermen isn’t narrow enough. You need target a specific species just like you do when you are fishing.

Think about it. You wouldn’t take a tackle box full of trout lures up to the territory to target barra would you?

This even transfers across to my marketing business. From now on right here on my small business marketing ideas blog, the posts are going to all have a very fishy flavour to them. Why would I do this?

Because that is the market I am targeting. Marketing for Fishing related businesses. I can’t tell you to do one thing, and then do another myself. So let me introduce you to my new Facebook Business Page…

Hooked Up Marketing.

This will be my main hangout on Facebook from here on in. My courses and coaching services are all based around businesses just like yours that are fishing related.

If you would like to discover the very small business marketing ideas I use myself and stay up to date with the latest cutting edge marketing strategies I am using, then head across and like the page.

Before you go though let me get my Gold Bomber out, just so I really have your attention.

For a short period of time while I am getting the word out about this new page, I am offering you the following deal. You can get a 75% discount on my course…

Facebook for fishing related businesses.

That is right instead of $197.00 you get it for only $47.00 but not for long.

So head across like the page and click on the deals tab to get your discount.

Cheers Beanie, the Social Tradie

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