10 tips to take your marketing from Amateur to Pro

by Adam Bean on December 1, 2012

This week I watched the best video of the year. No it wasn’t one of my own, it was by Ed Dale. In the video Ed spoke at great length about the difference in attitude (and the difference of their actions) between people who are amateurs in their business versus those who are Pro’s.

Best example I can give you is this…

I am an amateur guitar player. Always will be because I don’t have the time to dedicate to learning how playing like a pro. On the other hand Slash is a pro, he has poured thousands of hours into mastering his art.  The difference between us?? Our habits. Slash practices constantly striving to get better and better. I am happy to occasionally pick my guitar up and mess around with it.

Your business’s online marketing is no different. Keep on using amateur actions (like my guitar playing habits) and you will keep on getting amateur results.

Now I know that you want to start getting Pro results ASAP, so here are the top ten things you can do immediately to move your marketing to the pro level.

Select a single target market and sell to them first. Amateurs try and sell everything to everyone. Pro’s know that this is doomed to mediocrity. When you select your market the more specific and the narrower they are the better.

  1. Know exactly who your ideal client is. Amateurs whinge and whine…. If only I had a few more customers like so and so, then I would be set. Pro’s know exactly who their ideal customer is and then they create their offers and marketing to bring more of them into their business
  2. Amateurs throw up a cheap website because everyone says they need one. Problem is the cheap website isn’t that cheap because no one ever see’s it, and it isn’t properly set up to automate the sales process. Pro’s look at their website as a silent salesman and set up automated sales systems on it so that it works harder for their business then they do.
  3. Create a yearly marketing calendar so that you have an ongoing reason to run offers that add value. Amateurs do the complete opposite of this continually painting themselves into a corner by using discounts to compete. This is fraught with danger as there is only so far you can discount. When you do the opposite and add value, the sky’s the limit.
  4. Pro’s know exactly what it costs to bring in a new customer, so that they can test and measure the amount of money they spend on their advertising. Amateurs just blindly run ad’s hoping for the best with no idea of whether their advertising is actually working or not.
  5. Capture details. The hardest thing to do is get someone to come into your store and actually buy something. Pro’s know this and the take every opportunity they can to capture those buyers details. Amateurs just let them walk out the door and hope that they come back again.
  6. Pro’s leverage technology, like video, audio, live streaming etc. Amateurs throw their hands up in the air and say I don’t have time to do all that.
  7. Pro’s know that Market Leadership within their industry is vital, and that they need to be seen as the expert in their local market. Amateurs hope that the whole internet/social media thing is just a phase and that it will just miraculously disappear.
  8. Email Marketing amateurs listen to the advice of a select few that like to tell you that email marketing is dead. Pro’s know that the only reason these people say email marketing is dead, is because they have no idea how effective it is when done properly.
  9. Pro’s don’t rely on a single platform to generate leads. Pro’s have as many lead generation sources working for them as possible. Amateurs are still just using the Yellow Pages for lead generation, because that is what they have always done.
  10. Yes  I said 10 but this is your bonus. This is the key to Ed’s video that I was talking about. This is the big difference between Pro’s and Amateurs…

Pro’s don’t try and do all of the techniques I listed above themselves, they hire people to do it for them. They know that there time is required managing these things, not trying to physically do it themselves.

So which one of these steps are you going to put into place today that is going to move you towards Pro status?

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