Do you think you could make $1 in 30 days?

by Adam Bean on May 16, 2013

Just follow our magical course and sales will fall out of the sky Dollarpeople will trip over themselves to give you money and you will literally have your own ATM that spits money out hand over fist.

Chances are if you have ever spent more then about three minutes online you will have seen a website that makes a promise just like that.

Now I am not here to bag all make money online schemes, after all that is my business as well. Many claim to make insane amounts of money in record time, and they are quite prepared to tell you just how quickly and easily they did it.

There is one little problem though, they forget to mention the hundreds if not thousands of hours and dollars they spent getting to the point of making thta magical pile of gold.

I know what you are thinking about the title, make $1 online in 30 days would be a piece of piss right? Well maybe maybe not. I can tell you from experience that I have had many months where I have not even looked like making $1.

There is something far more important than that $1 and if you get the point of this post, then you are well on your way to online success. Back in 2006 Ed Dale started the challenge. With the goal of teaching people how to make their first dollar online. Why is $1 so important I hear you ask? Because the marketing principle you need to learn to make that $1 are the foundation for making your fortune.

If you are still not convince that you need to make $1, let me share with you some  of the results I have achieved from learning to make that dollar with the challenge.


  • Working as a high paid consultant on Project Grow in Gladstone
  • Run marketing workshops in both Queensland and New South Wales
  • Working with my own coaching clients
  • Speaking at Chamber of Commerce event
  • Becoming a finalist in this years Telstra smarter business blog awards

And you gotta remember, I am a boilermaker that failed English at school!  Before the challenge the only thing I knew about marketing, was how to spell it!

Any way, if you are sick of all the promises hype and bullshit online, and you just want to learn some real marketing strategies that really work sign up for the challenge, and we will speak soon.

The Challenge

Take the Challenge and learn how to make your first $1 online.



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