Are you guilty of marketing incest?

by Adam Bean on May 25, 2013

Unfortunately I can’t lay claim to that pearl of wisdom above.Beanies Small Business Marketing Ideas Blog

That accolade belongs to the great Dan Kennedy, and this is what he was getting at…

Now before I tell you exactly what it was that Dan had to say. I have to warn that you may not like what you are going to hear. Because odds are it is too close to the truth for you.

But with a little pain comes a boat load of gain, if you listen to his wisdom and correct your ways. You will reap the rewards.

So here goes…

When it comes to marketing and advertising everyone looks at what everyone one else is doing, then they copy them, and then everyone gets real stupid” Dan Kennedy

Now you understand the title, are you guilty of marketing incest?

Let me give you a real world example of this.

Beanie finishes his apprenticeship and decides that instead of working for an idiot boss, he will become the idiot boss himself.

Beanie needs some customers of course, so he goes to the local paper and see’s that the engineering shop down the road has an ad that looks a lot like this…

Welding  jobs done, no job too big or too small.

So Beanie copies that ad, runs it in the paper, and wonders why his phone isn’t ringing off the hook.

So he see’s another ad, maybe this one is better Beanie thinks to himself. Let’s give this one a run…

Mobile Welding done mig, stick or tig. Call Ben 0400179819

Ben (who is probable really a fitter!) isn’t all that smart, becasue his ad doesn’t work for Beanie either.

Fortunately for Beanie though he has an old mate that he went to tech college with called….

Beanie the Social Tradie! What were the odds!!

Now the Social Tradie is a smart cookie who listens to the I Love Marketing show. Beanie (the boily) rings him up and says…

I can’t get the phone to ring for love nor money. Any chance you could take a look at my ad and see why it’s not working. Piece of piss the Social Tradie says. I know exactly what you need to do.

This is the ad I want you to run in the paper, word for word, don’t change a thing.

Need a mobile welding job done?

Watch this free video first

How to get your welding job done properly, at the best possible price.


Guess waht hapens now? Beanie’s phone is ringing off the hook! And he doesn’t even have to do much selling anymore, because the video on his website is doing it all for him.

So if a boilermaker can run an ad to a video sales page like that, why haven’t you done it for your business yet?

When you get your video up and going, be sure to drop the link to it in the comments below so that I can come and check it out.

Cheers Beanie, The Social Tradie

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