Facebook, Email, YouTube, Twitter & the OCD loop

by Adam Bean on June 9, 2013

Does this sound familiar??

It’s the end of the day. Your brain is fried. There just aren’t enough hours to get everything done.Beanies Small Business Marketing Ideas In between emails, orders, customer service and employees problems, all you want to do is kick back with a beer on the lounge and forget it all until tomorrow.

I mean who wants to sit at the computer late at night trying to figure out all of this social media/marketing stuff after what you have been dealing with all day long?

Let me tell you a little secret? Even if you did try and work on your marketing at that stage of the game you would pretty much be wasting your time anyway.

So what do you do?

I mean you can’t keep on keepin on forever like you are at the moment. Because burnout is going to kick in pretty soon. Don’t believe it will happen to you? Just keep going and see what happens? And yes I am talking from experience.

But it’s not all doom and gloom…

I have given you a lot of problems thus far now here is the solution to it all. You have to put aside focused time to work on your business in the morning. That is if  you ever want your business to grow, and for you to be able to actually run it instead of it running you.

Don’t think you can do it?

Trust me on this one. The world is not going to stop spinning because you set aside some time each morning, to FOCUS on your marketing.

This by the way is not my idea, I got it from Dean Jackson. Here is what you need to do…

You need to play GOLF

I know what you are thinking now, Beanie you are on to something. Let’s grab the clubs and head off right now old mate! Hang on a minute, not so fast. Let me explain Dean’s thoughts on this further.

The reason Dean uses golf as an example is because the golf course is the optimum place for the task of playing golf. This is what golf stands for…



Optimal environment


Limited distractions


Fixed timeframe


You have to break what Dean calls the OCD loop, and the 50 minute focus finder is just the tool you need to break it. Don’t panic you do not have the patent on this bad habit. In fact I would estimate that the number of people you know that have genuinely kicked this habit, could be counted on one hand.

First thing you need to understand is this…

Being busy, does not mean being productive.

In fact I have found the complete opposite is true. The less busy I am, the less I do, the more I just manage, the more productive I am .

As Dean explains in the video, there are two frame of minds that you can be in.

Reactive or Proactive

This is how Beanie’s day kicks off in reactive mode…

Wake up coffee get me coffee, before I get that I will just grab my iPhone off the side of my bed and see what is happening on Facebook. Gee look at that scientists have discovered that you can waste a lot of time on Facebook, better watch that. Hey what ‘s that video Wayne’o has shared better watch those surfing dogs as well.

15 minutes later, what was I doing, that’s right coffee, just check my email now while the jug is boiling!

Damn look at that Frank Kern, Ed Dale, Dean Jackson and Joe Polish all have webinar’s running this week, better go and sign up to all of them (side note this is a good idea) mmm James Wedmore has a new video how to drive tons of traffic to your website from YouTube, some great action step is this. Better get started on them immediately.

Step three on James’s YouTube training I don’t know how to do. I will come back to that later, that’s another 1/2 done job.

Mmm that coffee is good better just update Twitter while I finish it. Mmm need something interesting to tweet, off to the flipboard vortex it is. Wow look at those sensation surf photo’s from Indonesia, I wish I had the time to go surfing more.

Coffee is finished time to do some work. Better jump on my laptop now and see what is happening on Facebook again.

The OCD loop continues.

Now that may be a little embellished, but it is so close to the damned truth it’s scary. I had to do something about it. Something just had to give. My business was going nowhere and about the only thing happening was me getting increasingly frustrated.

You have to focus on the proactive productive tasks first, and make everything else fit into your day, not the other way around!

We have a saying in construction..


Just make it F*cking happen.


When you listen to strategies like this you have the tendency to think to yourself.. Yeh that would work well for a lot of other people and they should  all do it, but it wouldn’t work for me!

Wrong huge mistake. 

In fact I would go so far as to say that if you are thinking that right now then you definitely need to do this immediately.

So how do you make this happen? You want to know how to get started today? Don’t you?

Here is what I want you to do next…

Until Christmas this year 2013, I am going to work with a small group of six people that are committed to making this happen. To qualify you have to be a member of Digital Biz Coach it is $1 to sign up and then $5 per month to stay a member.

Then head across to Stickk.com and sign up for an account look me up everything you need to know is in the video below.

If you get your shit together and actually do this it won’t cost you a cent and you will have developed a habit the virtually only 1 – 2 % of the world’s population actually use.

Last step, head to my Facebook page  and drop a comment on the post that looks like this picture below.

Catch Beanie on his Facebook Business Page

Just write Hey Beanie are there any places left? As I said there are only six spots, and it’s first come first served.

For the rest of this year you will do this every week…

  1.  You have to do one 50 minute focus finder per week, with three tasks I set for you. Don’t do it and you will be penalised $5, which goes into Beanie’s Xmas beer fund!
  2. You have to post your progress on my Facebook Page each week with the hashtag #focusfinderfriday
  3. You make progress! End of story

Just imagine the difference it will make to your business!

Speak soon

Cheers Beanie the Social Tradie

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