Why my bad attitude is better than your good one!

by Adam Bean on November 24, 2013

I had just finished breakfast at Rydges in Southbank the other morning, Quotes on Atttiudeand decided to go for a walk to burn a bit of it off. Being that I am on the higher side of forty now, I just can’t eat whatever I like anymore!

I head out through the cafe bar on the bottom floor and am just about out on the street when out of the corner of my eye I notice something.

Now when I say I noticed something, I am reading between the lines a little, but being I am prone to having a punt, I would put money on the fact that in this case I am right. So what did I see?

Two women sitting a table, probable in their late 20’s. Both well dressed, one sat bolt upright and full of attitude, the other almost slumped in her chair looking like a rabbit caught in headlights.

 Reading between the lines it looked like a job interview to me.

Anyway off I went for my walk. When I returned about 15 minutes later the situation (for the rabbit in the headlights lady) had literally gotten worse. The poor lady was now slumped so low in her chair it was almost as if she was trying to disappear under the table.

I could literally feel her pain. I felt like walking over to her and saying sit up straight, look her (the interviewer) right in the eye and take control of this or you are never going to get the job.

At this point I must add that I don’t think the woman conducting the interview was trying to make the other lady uncomfortable, it was just  painfully obvious that there was a distinct difference in attitude between the two of them.

Contrast this with a situation I found myself in recently.

I am going to change names here to protect the not so innocent. Steve and myself (not Steve’s real name) needed some paperwork signed off by the manager above us. So we jump in the ute head up to his office drop it on his desk and in not so many words say “hurry up and sign this off  because we are busy and don’t have time for this crap”

The big bad manager, (who has his own attitude issues!) says I want facts and figures to back up what you are asking for. Get Joe (the brains of our operation) to do me a graph to explain it all for me. On second thoughts, get Joe up here with the graph so that I can run through it with him.

Fuck sake we think to ourselves, all we wanted was a couple of signatures. Anyway Joe comes up and eloquently explains (with a graph) exactly what we wanted. Now I understand says the big bad manager. Joe next time don’t send your two knuckle dragging mates up try and twist my arm to sign their paperwork off.

They just waltzed in here threw it on my desk and said here sign this. So Steve and I head off giggling at the big bad bosses comments with our signed paperwork. My point is this

Our intention was simple. Get into his (the big bad bosses) office get our paperwork signed and get on with doing something that we would consider far more effective use of our time. His signature to us was just a hoop we had to jump through. Something neither of us (jumping through hoops) have a whole lot of time for.

Some would say (and they may well be right, lol) that we both have a bad attitude. We prefer to think of it as not letting red tape and bullshit stop us from doing our jobs. The truth probable lies somewhere in the middle.

The point I am making though is when we make a decision we back ourselves and show no hint of weakness. Do we always make the right decisions?

No way in hell!

But we also have the confidence to say we fucked up (if we did), and figure out how to fix it pronto. Now not everyone has to have the hurry up and sign my shit attitude that Steve and I have. And for most people that type of attitude it is not something I would recommend. In fact it only works in certain industries, and it takes a lot of practice to get it just right.

But you must be confident enough to know the worth of your products and services, and put that attitude across in a manner that suits your personality. If you don’t, you will forever be in the same situation as the lady being interviewed.

So by now you are thinking, how do I get of this attitude into my business Beanie? Show me how it’s done.

When it comes to attitude there is one name that stand out above all others. And that name is Justin Herald. Justin took $50 (that he borrowed from his brother) and turned it into a multi million dollar brand called, wait for it….


So if you have never read his book, Would you like Attitude with that?

Your mission right now is to get a copy in your hot little hands.

What about the girl stuck in the headlights? Don’t know I never did stop to find out. Hopefully she got the job, but I highly doubt it. All I can say is, don’t let me catch you in the same situation.

As I said earlier, my “bad” attitude is not for everyone, but it works for me. I am keen to learn what your attitude is and how it works for you. Drop a comment and let me know.


Beanie, The Social Tradie


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