The must know business lesson I learnt from Mick Fanning today

by Adam Bean on December 15, 2013

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Two minutes to go it’s pipeline the number one surf contest in the world. Up for grabs is the world title for Mick Fanning, if he can win this heat. However there is one small problem.

The end of the heat is rapidly approaching and Mick needs a 9.7 ride (near perfect score) to win.

Mick has already pulled off a miracle in an earlier heat to stay alive, I guess this time there just isn’t going to be a fairy tale ending, or will there be?

From nowhere a set rolls in, the wave Mick selects needs to be near on perfect for him to be any chance of getting that 9.7 score he desperately wants to claim the world title today. But Mick is not a champion because he runs and hides when things get tough.

He turns around lines himself up and absolutely nails a wave that gives him that 9.7 score.

So how did he do it? There were a number of factors at play, but these were crucial

  1.  He didn’t panic
  2. He trusted his instincts
  3. He took the opportunity that presented itself

Was it the perfect wave? No way in hell but Mick used his magic to turn it into one.

After the heat I watched an interview where Mick said when he wiped out earlier in the heat and hit his knee on the reef. Things were not looking good for him at this point, in fact the odds were well and truly stacked against him. But he surfaced after that wipeout and thought to himself…

“It can’t end like this”

At that point most surfers would have given up. It’s just not my day, or shit happens are just two of the viable excuses that he could have used. But he didn’t and the rest is now history.

Now you may never find yourself in the position where you are under the pump at pipeline, God knows I never will! But those skills that Mick used to win his world title, can be used in your business every day.

So next time when things aren’t going your way, just remind yourself of Mick’s saying…

“It can’t end like this”

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