Has my Mower Man cracked the code on super cheap highly effective marketing

by Adam Bean on December 29, 2013

Beanie the Social Tradie

I had just came out of the surf this morning as it was another pearler of a day at Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast. We grabbed the boards and headed back to the car via the showers. First thing I did of course was grab my phone out of the towel bag to see what messages I had missed whilst in the surf.

There was an image on the screen that I couldn’t quite make out because of the glare.What has my daughter sent me now I was thinking to myself? All I could see to start with was a bin with a Xmas tree on it.

Anyway I didn’t think any more of it until we got up to the shower area. Standing in the shade I was now able to see exactly what it was – which was one of the best pieces of marketing I have seen from a local small business owner for a long time. So what was it?

It was a text from my mower man, with a picture of a bin with the following text on it.


Rubbish Removal


Per Wheelie Bin

Or Equivalent

Mobile Phone Number

Now at this point you maybe thinking what is the big deal about that text right? Well there is no big deal about the text as such, but it was the way that he put it all together that really rocks. There are at least ten things that he did perfectly that I can think of immediately. So lets take a look at those ten things, as well as a couple of little tweaks that I can think of that he could also use to generate even more business.

  1. It’s simple. Any business could do this. Simple but highly effective, so don’t make the mistake of brushing past this as not relevant to your business. You need to use this for your own business today. I know I am going to!

  2. It’s inexpensive. The cost of sending out a text is about 5 cents each from memory. You could buy the clipart he used for a couple of bucks (probably even find it for free) and add the text with a free online program like pixlr.

  3. It’s mobile. How many times lately have you been annoyed by some idiot who can’t tear themselves away from their phone for five seconds. You know the one’s I am talking about, you can find them walking and  texting at the same time everywhere you go. So it’s going to get seen, because people can’t detach themselves from their phones.

  4. It’s time sensitive. The bin man is still a few days away from picking up. If your bin is overflowing, then the bin man won’t empty it. So his market has a dilemma, and they want it to go away.

  5. It’s seasonal. Xmas is the season to eat prawns, and no one wants a bin full of smelly prawn heads hanging around in 30ºC + heat for too long

  6. It’s highly targeted. He has got his message right under the nose of the people who need his services.

  7. It didn’t look like marketing. At no point did I think to myself, what is this guy trying to sell.

  8. It had a call to action. His mobile number was on the bin.

  9. It was extremely easy to take action. All you had to do was text him back.

  10. It solved a problem!

Now as promised there are at least two tweaks that he could have performed. I would have taken the same short message and used it on a couple of Social Platforms for greater reach. And those two platforms would have been Twitter and Facebook. Let’s take a look at Twitter first.

To easiest way to get maximum bang for our buck on Twitter is to take a look at Twitter trends. We would be looking for a trending hashtag talking about Xmas food, or something similar. Then we would send out a message with a hashtag like #XmasDinner. Something along the lines of this.

“Bin full of smelly prawn heads? Let us get rid of them 4 U today Insert Link #XmasDinner”

So that is Twitter taken care of let’s take a look at Facebook.

With Facebook we are going to up the ante a little and use a promoted post. Now we are going to assume that my mower man has a Facebook page with a target market because funnily enough he listened to this podcast where the Full Noise and I taught him exactly how to find one.

So his Facebook status  is going to look just like this.

Got a bin full of smelly prawn heads? For just $10 we will get rid of them for you today. Call  Fred on 0400 000 000 right now. I would have a picture just like the one below to capture attention, and remind people how full their bins are.

Awesome photo via Dominic's pics

Now the strategies that I have just shared above with you are not my own. I have just learnt them out of the awesome book by Gary Vaynerchuk titled.

Jab, Jab, Jab, RIGHT HOOK. How to tell your story in a Noisy Social World.

As I said when I wrote a review for it on Amazon.

If you choose to ignore this book, you had better hope that your competition does as well. Because if they get hold of it and use it wisely, you will be toast”

The business world is changing daily and it’s a matter of keep up, or become another statistic. Reading Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook will give you the direction you need to get your social marketing strategies on the right track immediately.

Back to my mower man, what a freakin legend! Have you ever used something like his text message? Are you going to use his strategy ASAP? Drop me a comment and let me know what message you are going to try.

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