21 dead boring Facebook updates that will shit your fans to tears

by Adam Bean on January 3, 2014

Awesome Image by Sharon Pruitt


The title may say 21 Facebook updates, but this is also applicable to:

Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or any other Social Media platform where you actually want your market to show some interest in you, and your business.

So no f#cking about here they are:

  1. New blog post

  2. Facebook (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc ) for business

  3. I just posted X amount of pictures on Facebook

  4. Have you seen my…..

  5. 10%,20% 30% off insert whatever BS you are selling

  6. The blah blah blah daily is out

  7. Are you enjoying (insert latest thing) come take a look at mine

  8. Just listed on Ebay, Etsy, wherever else

  9. Take a peek at these deals

  10. Wow we have reached X amount of followers

  11. You should be doing this

  12. Need a blah blah blah

  13. Have you heard about

  14. Big announcement

  15. Love your help sharing this blah blah blah

  16. We have some really exciting news coming up, stay tuned

  17. Some great info here

  18. Check this out

  19. Would you like to try our new

  20. Free E-Commerce video

  21. Don’t miss out on

What should I say Beanie you smart-arse you are saying to yourself right now aren’t you? Today I am not going to let you off the hook that easily by giving you all of the answers. What I am going to do though is give you something better.

Head across to Jon Morrows blog and grab a copy of his free report..

52 headline hacks, a cheat sheet for writing blog posts (it will work the same for status updates) that go viral.

Grab it for free right now before he realises he should be charging for it.

Thank me in the comments.



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