Don’t listen to educated f#ckwits

by Adam Bean on February 2, 2014

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Definition of an Educated F#ckwit according to Beanie…

 Went to university, has a degree, problem is their knowledge has been learnt from teachers who have never had to do what they teach in the real world.

 Riddle me this…

How can a university professor that never ever leaves the school system, and spends his life as as an employee (never a business owner) teach other people how to market or run their business effectively?

Short answer is they can’t. It is a ridiculous scenario that people put their trust in because that is the way things have always been done. I mean if someone has been to university, they must be smart and know what they are talking about right?


Now many Engineers (God love them) fall into this category when they first come out of university. The fortunate one’s end up under older smarter engineers that have learnt to put their theory into practice.

They are know as (sometimes affectionately sometimes not) as educated f#ckwits. Actually everyone is know as a f#ckwit of some description on a construction site. There are

Smart f#ckwits

Dumb f#ckwits

Proper f#cwits

 The list goes on and on.

Point is if you know that someone genuinely falls into one of these categories, then you have to question any technical advice that they give you. Mainly because their knowledge is based on theory only, which more often than not doesn’t work in the real world.

You see we are a different breed in the construction game, we tend to question everything and not just follow the crowd blindly. For those that know me well believing that I won’t toe the line is hard to believe!

 That is sarcasm by the way.

 This is not just my theory by the way, Universities are even starting to acknowledge this as a problem and are getting the young Engineers out into the field while still studying, so that they can experience what happens in the real world.

This problem isn’t just about Engineer’s, it’s a society wide problem that even I suffer from. What yes I know you find it hard to believe but…..

I too can be an educated f#ckwit. Let me explain.

When it comes to rugby league, I am an educated f#ckwit. I know just enough to be dangerous. I played the game, (albeit it not all that well) but as far as I am concerned (especially after a few beers), I can fix the problems of any A grade side quite simply.

 Reality is….

 I have never played the game at an elite level, and I don’t have a fucking clue what is required to be successful at that level. Here is the kicker though and this is what can really hurt you. The same thing happens in business.

You get a university professor that sits on the side lines eating cold pies and drinking hot beer shouting all sorts of advice, but in reality he is just a mug at the game. Just the same way I am at football.

So the solution is?

You need to seriously look at the people that you take advice from. Are they out in the real world getting the results that you crave?

Or are they just, educated f#ckwits?

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