The day my oldest Mate broke my heart

by Adam Bean on March 11, 2014


He’s gone Mate, Dad just passed away.

I couldn’t talk, I felt like someone had just smashed me in the stomach with a sledgehammer and completely knocked the wind out of me. It was my brother. My Dad had just lost his battle with cancer.

I knew this day was coming, he had battled hard for two long years. But it just got too much for him.

I handed the phone to my wife and began to cry. I have never grieved so hard in my life my oldest mate had just broken my heart.

When my Dad died part of me died with him. It had too we had been so close for so long.

The last time we talked my dad asked me to speak at his funeral and thank my Mum for what she had done for him.

Some how I managed to do it. What he asked me to say is the only part of what I said that I actually remember. The rest is just a just a blur. Fortunately it must have made sense as one of my Aunties commented on how powerful my words were. If only I could remember them.

As hard as losing my Dad was for me I still consider myself fortunate. I have to. He would literally kick my ass if I thought anything else. My Dad lived for 65 years and we had a lot of great times together.

Shaving your head in reality means fuck all, it’s just a gesture. When I see stories on Facebook, the news or anywhere else about young kids losing one of their parents, or worse still parents losing a young child it literally makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry again.

That pain is something someone that age should never ever have to endure.

I don’t write this post to try and guilt anyone into donating, my only hope is that it resonates with people that have already suffered the same situation and they want to try and relieve the pain a little for others.

I know one day they will find a cure for this insidious fucking disease, which cut my Dad down in his prime. Until that day each year I will continue to shave my head, in the hope that it brings a little relief to someone else.

Cheers Beanie

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