Social Media Russian Roulette

by Adam Bean on April 17, 2011

The other day I was tagged in a Facebook note that posed the question…

Do you really need to use any other online platform as you can now pretty much do everthing on Facebook?  The argument for only using Facebook was a pretty good one (on the surface) as you can now…

  • Add video just like you can with a You Tube account.
  • Create notes, just like a blog post.
  • Collect contact details, like an email auto-responder.

As I said on the surface this all sounds fantastic, BUT there is one fundamental flaw in this theory…

You can’t self host your facebook contacts and content!


This may seem like a small insignificant point, but believe me it isn’t. So what are your thoughts are you prepared to play Social Media Russian Roulette with your online marketing?


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