Dunbar you are spot on old mate!

by Adam Bean on May 3, 2011

If you haven’t already I would highly recommend that you slip over to wiki some time and check out Dunbar’s Number. Simple put Dunbar’s Number says …..

You cannot have effective relationships with more than 150 people at any given time.

So the get on Facebook and find yourself 5000 friends  that many so  called guru’s are pushing as great  Internet Marketing for small business owners is absolute crap.

Let me give you a couple of things that will happen if you follow this strategy that when you look at it logically is just plain ridiculous and even worse puts you in the position of getting your self banned off of Facebook for life!

  • Your news feed will block up with pictures of great Aunty Beth’s 150th birthday party from every Tom Dick and Harry that has a great Aunt Beth. So the things that you want to really see like what your niece or nephew is doing, slips straight past with out you even noticing.
  • You will lose interest in Facebook all together!! Haven’t you got enough to do without spending every night trying to find 20 people to send friend requests to??
  • And last but certainly not least, as I stated above you risk being banned off of Facebook for good! Why I hear you ask? Because it is against Facebook’s terms and conditions to send random friend requests to people that you don’t even know.

So what is the answer Beanie I hear you ask? If we are not chasing thousands of friends how do we levearge Facebook to our advantage?

Best you watch the video where all is revealed!

Cheers Beanie

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