Johnno and Sarah

by Adam Bean on July 27, 2011

As you would well know from reading my blog or watching my You Tube video’s, I am constantly looking for, testing out and measuring what works best when it comes to online small business marketing ideas. So when I saw a video the other day by Krishna Everson of  Healthy Marketing Blueprint talking about knowing exactly who your ideal customer is. I thought Man I need to do this ASAP.

Krishna explained the importance of knowing exactly who you are talking to, so that your message speaks directly to them addressing the exact problems that you can help them fix. So please meet Johnno and Sarah, my ideal clients.


About Johnno And Sarah

  • They own a reef fishing charter boat business that runs out of Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, this is not your average run of the mill charter boat either! This sucker is a huge state of the art machine (Just like the picture to the right) that caters to a very specific market that are prepared to pay to have the fishing experience of a life time.
  • Johnno’s customer’s fly from all over the world to come and experience what he has to offer.
  • Johnno is a bronco’s supporter who has box seats for all of their home games.
  • Johnno is an expert fisherman, and knows exactly how to hook his client’s up with the sort of fish that you see on the cover of the top fishing magazines.
  • Sarah is the brain’s of the business, she recognizes the power of “Social” marketing but doesn’t have the spare time to learn and manage it.
  • Johhno and Sarah want a marketing company that will  become an integral part of their business for many years to come.
  • Sarah is also a very busy Mum, with two young boys that really miss their Dad when he is away on overnight trips.
  • Johnno and Sarah are looking for innovative small business marketing ideas that will create extra cash-flow from the assets they currently have within their business.

Johnno and Sarah’s problems

  • They are both working way to hard and far to many hours.
  • Those box seats Johnno has he hardly ever get’s to use them because he is always out running fishing trips.
  • Johnno and Sarah realize that some of the marketing techniques they have been using are becoming less effective, and they want to build a solid online presence that will work for them for years to come.

Now that I know so much about Johnno and Sarah, I can write blog post’s create video’s and write sales copy that is going to speak directly to them about the challenges they face.

So what does your ideal customer look like? Have you written down a detailed description just like the one I did above? Give it a try and see what happens!

And remember Johnno and Sarah….

When you are ready to learn how to put some “Social” in your Social Media Marketing that will make your business STAND OUT online.

Give me a call because that is what I do!

Cheers Beanie

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Lisa Wood July 31, 2011 at 10:41 am

Hello Beanie,

I can understand about wanting to talk to an audience with Internet Marketing. Its all about connecting with like minded people, and offering them what they want! So finding your targeted audience sure makes sense. Great tips.

Thanks for Sharing.

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