Why The Internet Marketing Guru’s have no idea how to use Facebook

by Adam Bean on August 14, 2011

Hands up who has heard this one recently?

Facebook traffic doesn’t convert to sales, don’t waste your time.

This is a line many Internet Marketing for Small Business Guru’s are proclaiming.

The theory seem to be that  because people are on Facebook Socializing and wasting time, they are not interested in spending money. Now I don’t know about you but to me this theory is absolutely ridiculous. Let me prove to you why….

Just have a think about the last time you were on holiday’s. Did you spend a little more than you should have? Now you would have been in a pretty “Social” mood during those holiday’s wouldn’t you? What about the last time you went to the local markets, did you buy something there whilst “Socializing” that you didn’t really need to buy right there and then?

So are you with me now on this one? People love to spend money when they are in a Social mood, they just don’t like being forced into it! As Andy Jenkins says….

“People love to buy, but they don’t like being sold”


A Facebook Business Page can’t be used effectively as a sales letter or squeeze page. The problem for these marketers is not Facebook, the problem is the way they are trying to get their message across.  You see the tide has turned, for many year’s Internet Marketer’s were able  to be invisible hiding behind their web sites with no one ever knwoing who they were. But the game has changed. Social media has seen to that. The impersonal marketing that you can get away with to some extent on Google (Even those days are numbered thanks to Google +) just isn’t going to happen anymore.

Anyway watch the video below and I will explain it more.



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