How to turn Likers into $ on your Facebook Business Page

by Adam Bean on August 27, 2011

“How do we convert ‘Fans’ into paying clients? Keep being social and hope it’s our name they remember when they need something?”

This is a question that I was asked on Twitter the other day, and it is a very good question. You see there is lots of talk (And programs) about how to get  10,000 Likers to your Facebook business page, much like the old Twitter get 100 followers per day programs (don’t even get me started on that rant). But very few people seem to be teaching how to turn these likers into $. After all this is the most important part, you are on these platforms to grow your business and create extra cashflow aren’t you? I mean what is the point of having 10,000 likers if your business is not goin to benefit from them in any way.

So in today’s video we are going to have a look at a real life example that I came across on a Facebook Business Page this morning, that is the actual post in the top right corner. Marney is using “Social” marketing exceptionally well. And there are three main things that she has done particularly well that I am going to point out to you in the video below.

By the way, this Fun Shop will work on relieving all different sorts of stress, not just the stress from kids on holidays! So be sure to head over to Marney’s Facebook Business Page which is Kinique Kinesiology and learn how to reduce your stress levels as well!

So how are you going to take this idea away and incorporate it into your small business marketing ideas this week? Post a comment in the box below and let me know about the successes or challenges you have with turning your Likers into $$$$$$


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