You need a mobile web site, I need a Mac! Let’s do a Deal

by Adam Bean on September 29, 2011

Hey guys a quick one today and the topic is Mobile Web sites. Now the reason I am talking about mobile web sites is…

Sales for smart phones recently outstripped the sales of PC’s

So what, why is this so important Beanie I hear you ask.

Well the reason it is so important is….. when people are searching for your  products  and services on their mobile device they are more than likely out and about with guess what?

Money to spend that is literally burning a hole in their pocket!

Now we all know that attention spans are getting shorter right? So your web site need to be easy to read and literally scream out to the customer gagging to spends their money…

Hey I can solve all your problems right now, just come straight in and see me.

As well as that we want a click-able phone number so that they call us straight away. we don’t even want to take the chance of them getting distracted while they write your number down.

In short your web site needs to look just like mine does in the image below.


Now are you understanding what I am saying?

But why are you doing this Beanie I hear you ask, after all you have been telling us that you don’t work one on one like this much anymore, isn’t your business taking a new direction?

That is very true, I don’t have a lot of free time and I am concentrating my efforts on workshop’s and speaking engagements. But you see I have a problem…

I want a Mac and an iPad and I want them this weekend. The whole instant gratification thing, you know how it is! But my wife won’t let me have them unless I come up with the cash first (Smart Lady). So this is what I am going to do for just a handful of business owners that are quick enough to take up this offer.

I am going to offer only five of these packages (Check what is included below) and it’s first in first serverd this offer is only open until 1 pm Saturday the 1/10/2011 (I have to get to the Mac shop remember)  and I am punching it out to literally hundres of  business owners that I have built up on my lists and Social Media Mediums. In other words… They aren’t going to last long

To sweeten the deal I am going to throw in a one hour Skype consultation, where we will come up with a Social Media Marketing game plan for you that will bury your competition. I will even record the call for you and send you the MP3 file so that you don’t miss a thing.

And the best part is I am keeping this under $1000.00

Just think,  if your average customer is worth $250  you only have to catch 4 people out and ready to spend, and the rest is money straight in you pocket.

So what is included…..

  • A domain name
  • A mobile ready wordpress  site, that will look just like mine on the mobile above. (All you have to do is get your web designer to paste a bit of script n to your current web site so that all mobile devices go to your new mobile ready site)
  • 12 months web hosting
  • One hour “Social” marketing consultation via Skype
  • A blog post and YouTube video about your business, right here on my blog!

Looking forward to working with you.


P.S if you are worried about ordering online, just call me on 0400179819, and I will give you some details to direct deposit the money.

Sorry this Deal is now over

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