Is your business struggling because you are the Fishing world’s best kept secret due to the fact that you don’t rank well in Google?


 The traffic figures I quote in the video are no longer correct, thanks to Google’s latest Panda update. Currently the traffic is about 100 per month. This is only a short term issue, and I will have the Barra blog at number on within a matter of weeks!


To compensate for the drop in traffic, I have added this bonus… My Gold Coaching Program valued at $2982.00 which is a 50% bonus for Free. all the details for the package are in the video below. This offer is only vald until 02-12-12

If you want your business to be front and centre when people search for barramundi fishing online. Then stop wasting time and money trying to get to the top of the search results, and get ranked on the front page of Google tomorrow with the barramundi fishing blog. But how are you going to achieve that?

Right now you have three choices available to you…

  1. You can continue to remain unseen online.
  2. You can continually pay for adwords hand over fist.
  3. You can invest in your business’s own piece of online real estate, right in a prime position! Don’t you need more than just a website these days?

This is more than just a website, this is an online sales system that is going to leverage the very thing you freely give away, and turn it into cold hard cash! So what is this thing that you are freely giving away?

Your knowledge. Let me explain…


You talk to people all day long about fishing right. So when you are talking with them are you teaching them interesting techniques that they didn’t know? I am willing to bet you are. So what you are going to do is…

Turn your knowledge into video, audio, blog posts, articles and an iPhone app so that you are entrenched at the top of the search engine results where you deserve to be. As well as that we will use your knowledge to automate the sales system for you via your new website, because…

Your website should work harder for your business than you do! You don’t want it to be hidden away in some dark corner of the internet where no one will ever discover you. Do you? There is a stack of cash tied up in your knowledge, if you know how to present it in a way that people are going to want to purchase. So how should you present your knowledge?

There is masses of free information available on the internet, but it can be rather difficult to find. Who has the time for that right? So what you do is present your knowledge in an easy to find manner right from your website. That is all well and good Beanie, but what other tools are you going to use to leverage my knowledge?

You can also use email and smartphone apps to complement this. Couple your fishing knowledge with my marketing knowledge. And we are going to cement you as the barramundi fishing authority online and generate passive income that will enable you to grow your business, or maybe take that holiday that you keep putting off. So what makes this site different from all the others out there Beanie I hear you ask yourself? And how do you know that you can make me cash from my knowledge?

This is the difference…

The Barramundi Fishing blog comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If I can’t get you your initial investment back within six months, then I will reimburse you the amount you are out of pocket up to the price you paid for it. The only catch is…

You have to help me create the content required with your knowledge. I do all of the technical stuff, you just have to do interviews with me (video and audio). Sounds good? What do you do next?

If you want to talk to me more about this deal first, that would be great. My mobile number is 0400179819. If you just want to grab this opportunity by the proverbials, hit the buy it now button, and we will speak soon.

Cheers Beanie the Social Tradie

PS. Remember I have removed all of the risk for you, and placed it on my shoulders with the 100% money back guarantee.


The video shows you the traffic that is available for you to have running to your site

This video gives you a look inside the barra blogs analytics account