Can a boilermaker win the Telstra Smarter Business Blogging Competition?

Imagine this…

First day of high school a young lad heads into his first English class, the teacher stops when she get’s to his name.

Nathan Bean, yes my brother replies. Are you Adam Bean’s brother? Yes he replies. Well I hope you are nothing like him. He was a real troublemaker! What a way to start, sorry mate, Lol

This was two years after I had left school! So to say the scars for that English teacher were pretty deep is an understatement. Bear with me though because there is a point to this story, which is…

Fast forward 25 years to yesterday, and I am scrolling through my email inbox and I see this…

Hi Adam,Telstra Smarter Business Blogger Competition

Congrats on being a finalist in the Smarter Business Ideas Top Blogger competition. Your blog was nominated, and among the hundreds of entries you have been selected by our team as a top 25 finalist! Yay!

That is not a miss print. Despite leaving school at 15 (and barely passing English, I am pretty sure I never ever handed in an assignment) to take on an apprenticeship as a boilermaker (The Social Tradie is no myth) I managed to jag a place in the top 25 of The Telstra Smarter Business Blogging Competition! But it’s not over yet, so far I have only made the top 25 finalists.

Now one of my favourite all time movies is a Knight’s Tale starring the late Heath Ledger. In the movie Heath’s character William has just been found out. Long story short he isn’t of royal descent and he shouldn’t be competing as a knight. The powers that be are coming to arrest him for claiming to be something that he supposedly isn’t meant to be. Mmm sounds familiar.

All of William’s followers implore him to run and hide, but William won’t have a bar of it.

It is not within me to withdraw is his reply when they ask him to run and hide.

Now when I was nominated the other day I immediately thought, that’s great but I could never win. Shocking attitude to have I know, don’t worry I quickly gave myself an uppercut and changed my thinking to..

How can I win this thing! After all it is not within me to withdraw either. So here is what I am going to do.

If you feel that you gain something from reading my blog posts, and you would like to support me in my quest (pardon the pun) to win the People’s Choice section of the Telstra Smarter Business Blogging Competition. I would like to do this for you to show you my support.

If you head across to the Telstra site via this link right here => Vote for Beanie the Social Tradie in the Telstra Smarter Business Blogging Competition. Just click on the vote button like you see in the image below.

Then head over to Udemy via this link => The Fast Track to Generating Leads and Sales from Facebook  Click on take this course free button (the course is valued at $297.00) you will be prompted to create a Udemy account which is free and you will get immediate access to the course. It may ask you for a code which is,  vote4beanie 

That’s it. I have also made a quick video below to step you through it the super quick process. It literally takes under a minute.


Who know’s next year your blog might be up there right beside mine. And remember if you are looking for some more great small business marketing ideas, just head across to my blog via the small biz blog tab at the top of this page, and we will speak soon.


Beanie The Social Tradie