Are you confused about

where to get started with

Social Media Marketing?


Guess what? You are not alone! In fact most business owners that I speak to are in exactly the same boat.

So that is why I have developed my online coaching packages. These courses are a seven week program that have a clear objective you are going to achieve by the end of them.

Each Monday for seven weeks I put pre-recorded step by step video training that I want you to put in place. Then you come back to me with any questions or issues that you may have had, and I address them all in an online group training session a couple of days later.

There is never more than six people in a training session, and I stay online until everyone’s questions are answered.

All right so where do you start? The place I always recommend business owners like you start is with your website. Most website I see are completely ineffective, and I have developed the following rule so that you can tell if your website is broken…

If your website isn’t generating leads, sales and collecting email addresses for you online 24 hours a day seven days a week, then it’s broken and you need to fix it ASAP. If it sounds like your website needs fixing, then click on this blue link to go to my…

Silent Salesman Website Coaching Package.

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