Does this story sound familiar to you? 

You have set up a Facebook Business Page, because every one told you that it is imperative to get your business on Facebook?

After all every man and his dog seems to have a Facebook account, so it must be a good idea to promote your business on there?

Well yes they are right. It is imperative to have your business on Facebook if you want it to grow.

But having a Facebook Business Page is no good to you if it doesn’t generate leads and sales.

It is the same as owning a sports car that has no motor, it’s…

A complete waste of time!

What I have discovered via hours of testing and trailing Facebook Business Pages is that you need seven aces up your sleeve to create a page that generates leads and sales for your business.

So what I have done is put together a seven week coaching program with simple step by step  training that guides you through the  process of getting these seven tools in place. With the end result being your Facebook Page starts making sales for you.

Watch the video below and I will explain it all in more detail.

Cheers Beanie, The “Social” Tradie



Due to current demands, this package isn’t available at this time