Gold Coaching Package

As with all of my product’s and services, this package comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

If you aren’t happy with the package for any reason in the first 30 days, just let me know and I will fully refund your money. No questions asked!

Covered in this coaching package are the following

  • Defining your target market and finding your ideal client’s.
  • Creating a yearly marketing calendar so that you can make offers without having to continually discount and look like a rug salesman.
  • How to use Social sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook effectively.
  • How to create and use video marketing.
  • How to set up your very own self hosted wordpress blog, vitally important for your search engine results.
  • How to use email marketing effectively.
  • How to create reports and info products for lead generation and cash flow.
  • How to run webinars and do most of your selling to many people at once instead of one on one all the time.
  • How to turn your website into a silent salesman that works harder for your business then you do!
  • How to create your very own podcast, and turn that audio into blog posts, articles, courses etc.

You will notice there is no BUY IT NOW BUTTON for this package, that is for a very good reason…

I need to talk to you first so that I am sure that your business is the perfect fit for what I do. If you are keen to get started, give me a call on 0400179819 and leave me a message, (I can be hard to get hold of) I will call you back within 24 hours and we can discuss your business’s needs.