Is your Website broken?

Does your websites headline capture people’s attention the second they land on your page?

Does the message on your website speak to a specific target market, addressing the main problem you can fix for them?

Is your website generating leads and sales for your business on autopilot twenty four hours a day seven day a week?

Is there a very clear call to action on your page that spells out in no uncertain terms, exactly what action you want visitor’s to your page to take next?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, then in my opinion your website is broken!

Please let me introduce myself, I am Beanie The “Social” Tradie and I have a specialty, which is…

Social Marketing Strategies for Fishing Related Businesses.

Now does that mean I don’t work with any other type of businesses? Of course not. But that is my Niche and I have create messages to speak specifically to the business owners like your self that fall in to that category. Why would I do that?

Because it is fishing related business owners like you that I really want to work with. Anyway enough about me, this is suppose to be about how I can help you!

It is my belief that your website should be a silent salesman that works harder for your business than you do. Let me explain it further in the video below…


Now you have watched the video, here is what I want you to do next..

First thing I do for you is a Social Marketing Audit, normally I would charge $497.00 for this alone, but because you have taken the time to watch the video above and read this far I am going to do a special deal for you. Just put your name, email address in the form at the bottom of this page, and I will do that audit for you for $197.00 but this is the best bit..

You don’t pay until the audit is complete, and if you aren’t 100% happy for any reason you don’t pay a cent!


So all you have to do is these four simple steps…

  1. Enter you Name on the form
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Enter the best phone number for me to contact you on
  4. Press the Register button
I will then be in contact within 48 hours to arrange a suitable time to do your Social Marketing Audit. If you are on a mobile device just tap this phone number => 0400179819 to call me on my mobile. If I don’t answer be sure to leave a message so that I can get straight back to you
Speak Soon

 Cheers Beanie The “Social” Tradie