A question I regularly get asked is….

Beanie what do use to create and edit your video, or what tool would you recommend for keyword research? The answer is I use many different tools depending on what I need to achieve. So what I am going to do on the page is give you the links to everything I use.

Now I don’t just recommend anything!! Everything you see listed on this page I use personally, If I don’t then I won’t recommend it to you! Some of these tools are free and some you have to pay for (Shock Horror I know!!)

Now for legal reason’s I have to tell you this….

Most of the paid tools I am an affiliate for and I will make a commission if you purchase them through my link!

Again I know some of you may find this shocking, but I am actually in this business to make money!! Lol Anyway these are the tools I use….

For Video

Jing (Free & paid versions) screen capture software

Iphone Apps

Cinch Cast

Keyword Research

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Online Training

The Challenge