Why Your Website Absolutely Needs A Facebook Facelift

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Does your website really need a facebook facelift? The short answer is yes, and I am going to give you 250 million reasons why.

That isn’t an exaggeration either BTW.  There are 250 million daily unique users on facebook, so chances are a good percentage of the people you want to connect with ( past, current and potential customers) are on there to. That isn’t even the best bit…

Statistics show that on average they spend 55 minutes a day on facebook. That gives you an enormous amount of time to effectively get a message to them. BUT you have to get it right or you’re just wasting your time.

If you read the box  just to the right under my picture, it tells you that Beanie specializes in putting the “Social” in your social media marketing. Now there is a very good reason I specialize in this. You see facebook is the ultimate  word of mouth, referral based system the world has ever seen. That is because of one very small word….


When you get your facebook interaction right, people will like your business which means that they share it with all their friends. This brings me to another very important point…

Statistics also suggest that the average person on facebook has on average 130 friends, so this means that every time they like your business they are referring your business to all of those friends and family!!

All right by now you should be itching to find out how to make a fan page on facebook so that you can immediately take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

So where do you start??

Well the two most critical components of your facebook business page (Please don’t set your business up as a personal profile) is the Welcome page and Info page. As we all know first impressions count!  Your welcome and info pages are your big chance to convince the person that has just shown an interest in your business that you are worth connecting with.

To get these pages right we need a specialist!! So now I am going to hand you over to Belinda from Copywrite Matters so that she can explain to you just how vitally important copywrite is to your success on facebook…

Are You Turning Away Potential New Fans With Tepid Copy?

Turn Your Facebook Fanpage Into the Most Effective Marketing Tool You Have

You work hard getting people to visit your Facebook page …. But then what? Social Media is all about connection but you haven’t got long to make that connection. You have about 5 seconds of thinking time while a potential new Fan decides to Like, or move on. Seriously!

Don’t waste your words (or their time) with text that leaves your visitor feeling tepid about what you offer.

Copywrite Matters can give your social media pages some pep and passion, and make sure your message is a well-aimed arrow to your target market. After all, your social media pages are a marketing tool that should work hard for your business!

You’ll get more clicks, calls and sales with the right words. It’s that simple

Cheers for that Belinda. She is good isn’t she!!!

When you are ready to put some “Social” in your Social Media Marketing, crossed with Belinda’s killer copy writing…

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Cheers Beanie

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